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Travel the world until pocket zero .record the things as no other did it

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Hatman Talks with Travellers

  • Amendi Sri Lanka - Ruwan Perera
  • Anna poland - Ruwan Perera
  • Danna canada - Ruwan Perera
  • Dennis russia - Ruwan Perera
  • Fabio n Anna portugal - Ruwan Perera
  • Farina bangladesh - Ruwan Perera
  • Herman china - Ruwan Perera
  • Manu spain - Ruwan Perera
  • Meralese france - Ruwan Perera
  • Nadia belarus - Ruwan Perera
  • Oaindrila india - Ruwan Perera
  • Oksana belarus - Ruwan Perera
  • Platoon belarus - Ruwan Perera
  • Rose n Sam malta - Ruwan Perera
  • Sivan ishrael - Ruwan Perera
  • Indian cycle riders Kasmir to Kanyakumari - Ruwan Perera
  • Ellen n Simon canada - Ruwan Perera
  • Nicole thaiwan - Ruwan Perera
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Hatman is no other: he is you the traveller in life

In life we have to wear various hats. Be the kid then child then lad then father, grandfather you name your position in family for ladies names only be different .at work life it may be worker or the boss, in society a leader or a follower or you name it.. You are abiding to wear various hats. So which hat you love more. For sure you are tending to wear it most of times. Tell others about good things of same. Isn’t that? The hatman Ruwan is a one who accepted various hats in life in various stages and tried to seek a balance in carrier, family and personal life . it was a hard task to be started but once I understood my role at each place and ready to give up at right times with creating right people to be in given me much release get into other roles I loved and today on a journey of life which contain carrier, travel, pilgrimage, training, family , social responsibility and friends and all. Also, one of my hobby is hat collection, one day I may own all most popular hats in the world.. let’s march. Happy travelling friends..
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