Environmental lover who was charmed to be a traveller

Life is challenging. It is changing. Your willingness to accept change and adapt to it finally decides your existence with the system. That decided of mine n made me who I am the traveller who want to make a hike in life path.

My decision of travelling would be a pre-planned activity for years. Your office may ask you to plan those and reserve your leaves. Different groups, different buddy partners, even close family members, at last your family members would be travel partners. When you are so aware on the travels for sure you may be the lead. But end of the how much it kills your time for sightseeing and enjoyment .so travel will become more of a sudden call now. you plan for yourself; maximum partnered who you think best buddy who can take you to next or who may take all small burdens in that long journey even without asking .DSC_0050

You may have several leads to be a traveller .you make like to see the world, you may like to learn how others do things differently in your same subject, you may love to hang out with some culture with taking all as day time. J ha ha.. Finally you made your day. Filled with lot of memories, meeting lot of new people, your Facebook friend list going to extend, our time for phone will increase. Your tongue will ask for different tastes .so finally to record all those which tend me to be a traveller was my hobby of photography.

Whatever the event I go in toastmasters, whatever the event I be part with family and friends made me to make lovely memories with camera. Finally take my camera in one hand and world map in other hand to be a traveller. But today it makes you crazy with technology .earlier what you did with all hard efforts you can easily locate today .you may use google maps, either, either location finder you made your life to perfect.

So let’s start …I do promise you I do take you in my journey with all open hands…be a part .be a traveller. Winds are not flowing to you… go and grip the wind and enjoy it .happy travelling guys..!!


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