My travel buddy..a man lucky to learn the purpose of walking so early ..

Wear Your Hat and Walk… Collect What You Find On The Way…..

It was always a tough question to answer when people asked me what is your hobby? Simple reason was, it changed from time to time. As great things come to your life in mysterious ways I found my passionate hobby accidently and on a day that I had no proper plans. I was at Wellawatta, around 9.00 am on my feet and without an idea how to live the next few hours as I got the next appointment for the day at 4.00pm. I decided to walk. As I started walking I felt walking further and further and further, an extra mile all the time. I passed Colombo 6 and then reached Colombo 4 Bambalapitiya. Suddenly my mind was hit by a wild thought why don’t I cover the entire Colombo today. I had no hesitation what’s so ever and I started waking. Within 3.5 hours I covered entire Colombo, covering Colombo 1- 14. It was not an easy walk during day time, exposing to heavy rays of sun and I did not have a hat to wear on that day. But I found a Hat for myself. A hat that will find me a firm answer to the question “what is your hobby? “. Walking became my life. Ever since I made it a point to walk and cover the total limits of the cities whenever I travel.

Finally, that first walk covering the city limits of Colombo made me a purposeful walker. In that I found a style which will help me to learn something extra. My walking style is not just about moving from one place to the other. It’s more of a focus walk. While I walk I talk to people, drop into nearby shops, talk to them, listen to their stories, observe the body language patterns of people in different parts. Now thorough that I could learn many than I could learn from books.

Walking found me a different hat to my life and I use different hats for every walk which has found me a collection of hats, more importantly I found and met and taln1ked to people who have worn different hats in different parts of their lives. The stories behind those hats keep me motivated to take the next mile in the path of life.

Find your hat, wear it and walk. When you start walking you will find more hats, grab all of them and make it a collection, which will help you to enjoy the memories of your journey, when you look back at the destination of life.

By name , he is Nuwan Rajapaksha  a passionate young leader  and speaker who builds most his speeches presentations through own experiences no one can match .


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