Some people plan to travel to end of the any cost one wanted to be in Antarctica because of the place name.. Well pictures of the place all ice for me.. still trying to make my mind what is expected without feeling every second of the travel.

After Punjab my next choice was Kashmir. Even I have booked the flights by 31st July . Well by 2nd august all travelers asked to go out of Srinagar. Still the same of today . My hopes blasted. Well next was to see the least option. My Punjabi friends then came to help their favorite was ladakh .. with so many concerns I booked the ticket to ladakh with expectation of cancellation of Kashmir ticket with pay back .

When you plan ladakh trip few factors to be prepared in advance.

From 200 m sea level in Delhi you fly to 3500 m lea in 1.5 hours . you don’t feel much difference but your body  has to do a sudden change . but stepping after few hours and even eating would be painful if you will not ready with acclimation. So you may need to get 250/500 mg  of Diamox tablet  from 2 days before like of your travel. So that your body is getting ready to accept low oxygen levels .

Then have one each day and night may be at least 3 to 4 days

If you travel in summer not needed much thick cloths but better have a one sweater, wind jacket , muffler and hand gloves which may need either in travels, nights or even by evening as your body responds ..Better have open ears.. if not you get headaches fast  .

In ladakh you can get many travel options . don’t need to be hurry . when you go there ready-made plans are there to deliver to you. It is small town and within that space every 10th shop is a tour agent

These are the world highest motarable roads and you need power from 12000 feet to 18000 when reach in few hours so either need a 4 wheel jeep or a Royal Enfield like bike  With a strong engine, heavy built, and 350 to 500cc power makes it the best option. Also every 8th shop here is a bike renting place .but still there are more than enough places you have got to visit if you are in a shorter time here or not fond of those heavy bikes like me .but still it is advised to hire a 4 wheeler with a driver if you are first timer . It was said it is really important your body to acclimatize correctly.

Cost would be Royal Enfield 800 to 1300 INR. Well new good one is in high end and if you are not having much mechanical knowledge always use new bike

Scooty would be 500 to 900 INR per day .where I used for 130 kms away until lamayuru

Bike hiring time is 9 to 9 pm everyday


Few good practices

No dehydration allowed in the body .always drink enough water. If you have use some ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution and is prescribed for patients, who have lost excess water from their body due to dehydration or any other problem ).In sri Lanka Jeewani is available. So try something from your pharmacy.

Make sure you have enough rest once reach there for few hours

Drink some ginger tea or a bit of hot drink one waked up.

No alcohols and smoke to recover. It will make worse

Protected area permit

If we talk about foreigners or NRIs then, all foreign nationals, NRIs having PIOs or OCIs need Protected Area Permit (PAP) or Restricted Area Permit (RAP) to visit Inner Line areas of Ladakh including Pangong tso, Nubra Valley, Khardung La, Tso Moriri, Turtuk, Dah Hanu Villages.

However, no permit is required to travel on Manali Leh Highway, Srinagar Leh Highway, and Zanskar Valley. On the similar lines, Indians need Inner Line permit to travel to these tourists places in Ladakh.

In 2014, Indians were exempted from the concept of Inner Line Permits to travel in Ladakh. But, then again in 2017, Indians also need to apply for inner line permits and pay the environment fees if they want to travel to tourist destinations in Ladakh. I believe it is the right move in such remote places.

Thankfully, Leh administration lately has launched an official website to get Ladakh permits online, which has eased out the entire process for getting inner line permits or protected area permits. Both foreigners and domestic tourists can apply for Ladakh Inner Line permits online. Wondering how to get Protected Area Permit in Ladakh?


Wondering how to get Protected Area Permit in Ladakh?

If we talk about foreigners or NRIs then, all foreign nationals, NRIs having PIOs or OCIs need Protected Area Permit (PAP) or Restricted Area Permit (RAP) to visit Inner Line areas of Ladakh including Pangong tso, Nubra Valley, Khardung La, Tso Moriri, Turtuk, Dah Hanu Villages.


Some places have been recently opened for foreigners which includes Man, Merak villages near Pangong Tso, Loma bend from where the diversion to Hanle goes (but Hanle is still restricted for a visit by a foreigner), Pachathang & Tyakshi villages in Nubra Valley near Turtuk have also opened.

Some other routes in the Kargil / Batalik sectors have also been opened for foreigners which include Kargil to Leh via Khangral – Shaker – Chiktan and Dah to Kargil along Darchik – Batalik – Slimo. There is no need of any permit in order to visit Suru and Zanskar Valley, south of Kargil.

Areas like Hanle, Chusul, Tsaga, beyond Loma bend, Chumur, Marsimik La etc.. are still out of reach of foreigners and no protected area permits are issued for these places to them.

In order to apply for the Protect Area Permit (PAP), a foreigner must be in a group of two or more foreigners and PAP must be applied at DC Office, Leh with required fees through a registered Travel Agent in Leh or can be applied through the official website of Leh administration.

The duration of PAP is seven days and you need to re-apply permit in case you want to have an extended stay up there in Ladakh .

Permit for citizens of Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar are issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), New Delhi.

It asks how many days.. Well I had only 5 days.. but keep in mind last means only return first day means arrival acclimatize and rest . so only 3 days . only flights operates in the morning hours at the airport .let me count more for nubra pangong and other good places add 4 to 5 more days. So my count goes to 9 to 10 days . reach on a Saturday early morning and leave back on a Sunday . well mind you air tickets are costly in the week ends .

If you use road travel (reach from manali and return through Srinagar) it may add up 4 more days .

But your acclamation is more stable.

So let’s start ride

My day 2 was directed through hemis monestry in manali highway and return. So much of scenic beauty captured and I was mesmerized. My camera asks me what not to share with you .

It is such beautiful. Always had breath taking moments.

First feeding the stomach .with the scooter you can expects 28 to 30  km/l .so easily can fill required fuel in the city gas station situated close to hospital .well leh is so small and you will find the bike renting places in 10 minutes walking from your hotel/hostel  and it always having some fuel to go in the city limits until arrival of fuel station. Make sure to you check your fuel indication and limits with agent too without rushing .

About 2 km away from petrol station  I got hungry after having 2 sandwiches with butter and jam from my hostel around 8 .30 am . My second try for a Tibetan meal was thukpa or noodles soup with mutton. It was tasty and too much of a portion. I really loved the taste and aroma .meal price is 120 inr  . well I tried momo vegi soup 1st night in a city restaurant which was cost like 150 inr .

It was not hard ride but I stopped every 5 minutes like. Always I had many things to camera in backgrounds. Seeing the best clear skies and clear brownie mountains was a real blessing to see and enjoy .

Every major city points you can find a rolling bell points as shown above. You will meet all people who passes those come there and roll it and ring .most of those are maintained and rituals conducted by close by army camps.

If you say ladakh you will find mostly old monasteries and old monastery like buildings . those are white in color mostly .

70% Buddhists who lives in ladakh area have right honor for them. As you make already aware by august 2nd ladakh was separated from Jammu n Kashmir and it will be officially accepted from 31st of October(As per news I know by now J ). Well it is tactical for me. By then ladakh will start to freeze and in 6 months at end of April only you get the place coming to action back . By then lot of things can be changed .

After reaching junction at karu .. it was just few minutes away what I thought. Well I went on way of manali few km knowingly with mesmerized on beauty of road sides. But then I understood I passed it and no indication to recognize the place .no people to ask. Luckily met a one tea shop .the man having a tea  knew some English he helped me to get back .crossing the river and starting journey to the monastery on mountain top is like going on path to haven. I still recall . With blistering views I felt things around . first found some newly built temple in 1 km like. Then another 3 km drive make you to place . you may meet yak bulls ,some pure streams without any doubt the icing on the cake .

Hemis monastery

Hemis Monastery is a Himalayan Buddhist monastery (gompa) of the Drukpa Lineage, in Hemis, Ladakh, India. Situated 45 km from Leh, the monastery was re-established in 1672 by the Ladakhi king Sengge Namgyal. The annual Hemis festival honouring Padmasambhava is held in early June.

In 1894 Russian journalist Nicolas Notovitch claimed Hemis as the origin of an otherwise unknown gospel, the Life of Saint Issa, Best of the Sons of Men, in which Jesus is said to have traveled to India during his “lost years.”

This is very controversial thing still not proved properly by anyone in the planet with evidences .but I love to say as a roman catholic I do believe that Jesus Christ was having enough things to do in those hidden days in his born area of Israel and Egypt and enough things he learnt and studied of what he had to be corrected in his people’s . Rather if he was a theology creep of course there might be things he had to deliver to people of ladakh too.

Concepts of jesus are generally same talked in old testament and generally talked in history middle east area. So that there is no clue and evidences of same theologies used as per Buddhism in Christian literature. but I do believe as per merchants are other people are travelling there may be some influenced and knowledge people on Buddhism in same middle east areas and some stories interpreted using some mythical like stories they heard from India .

To be frank with you this place of hemis monestry is some super lucrative place with view and climate and any one visit would be super exited. As a Christian I love to say I was there and chats with those monks there were very free and lovely. With little English knowledge they had they told many a lovely things and my take home message was so strong.

They have an old underground museum and lucrative pagoda and meditation rooms you should not miss to visit.

I am still confused about the way back of monastery. I came back until new temple  and after that lost like . I went inside the village and I do say it is good lost . I came to one unique way and saw village life and paddy fields.

Thikse Monastery

19 km away from leh, t is noted for its resemblance to the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet and is the largest gompa in central Ladakh, notably containing a separate set of buildings for female renunciates that has been the source of significant recent building and reorganization.


Hemis and surrounding covered with a huge forest. It is clam and quiet. it says something.

You can look it for many hours but not for days… it is getting cold. It allows you to meditate yes man to feel the life. I had not got enough time for same. So that says I will return there soon. One may say Jesus had the same desire and after 33 years he was there until 80 . but my heart says He was in a role and not mingled here and of course I can believe the same .




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