When I planned for leh I contacted several tour agents. Nubra very and pangong lake were in the list .there were lovely offers . one given me it for INR 36000 and discounted for 34k. Another for 31k and one jeep rider from leh came down for 24k.

The 31k tour agent was very clear on rules of the game and they told me I cannot get Restricted area Permit  directly as per early circular sri Lankans are still have to get permits from new Delhi Local affairs ministry .so that they proposed me to Hemis  for day 2, Lamayuru for day 3 and have the night there and return on day 4  with all meals and accommodation .

Keep in all facts in mind with only flight ticket and accommodation at Leh for day 1 booking I flied there .

Well before that when I read all internet blogs clearly came to know you can get organized trips in hotel itself and there are enough bike renting places in walking distance .very first day it was resting. Then looked for travel in all dreamed nubra valley and after few delays my hotel receptionist met on day 2 morning . making me saddened after contacting with their tour agent they told me Sri Lankans are not issued permit at Leh office. I visited few of tour agents close by same story .but in the evening one smart agent asked me to go there and directly confront with commissioner and tell my desire to travel there . his exact words were : “with your talking style he will not be able to say no “ thank you sir. I was late then  .as further he told I could meet him only after 10.30 am and Can get it done by 12 noon. Still have to arrange a personal  jeep and travel to nubra valley as all public transport and common  organized tours would be started their journey then..

Well this is not the end of the world. . so I have more reasons to come here again. I decided to go my journey to Lamayuru .by far I feel best journey I made in my life. Taking my own Suzuki scooty going on my own phase. Stop where ever I want to eat drink and specially take pictures. All other riders passing me stopping after me as seeing I am taking pictures in a beautiful place. Believe me this has happened in several places . J

You will find endless articles on the internet depicting the beauty of Leh Ladakh. Every year, there will be someone, whom you know of, to be travelling to this place. It is referred by many as the mecca for adventurous souls. Located at a distance of 474 km from Manali and 434 km from Srinagar, its location has never been a matter of concern for travellers.


Ladakh is a backpacker’s haven, with emerald lakes, trekking trails and valleys. Also known as the land of monasteries and monks, beautiful villages tucked away in picturesque landscapes, there is a lot to experience here. This article will take you to Lamayuru, often referred to as the moon land.

It’s a small village in Ladakh, but an ideal place to take a break from the journey from Kargil to Leh.

Things to do on the way

Magnetic hills

I am in doubt about the place. They say in this flat surfaced road vehicles move down (4 wheel ) when put into neutral gear  .Well I saw it in my eyes and Yes looks good motion. But still when I checked the surface could identify some cleat inclination of the road into one side and that is where vehicles are moving .I think my point will be proved soon…Let’s wait.

Btw that is a beautiful place and a BIG hotel is coming up there .so don’t need to disturb to that business.

Sangam point

You can clearly get the view of two different rivers from the top. The crystal clear water of Indus river and the muddy water of Zanskar river.

Sikh temple (Gurdwara Pathar Sahib)

Gurdwara Pathar Sahib, is a beautiful Gurudwara sahib constructed in the memory of Guru Nanak, about 25 miles away from Leh, on the Leh-Kargil road, 12000 ft above sea level. The Gurdwara was built in 1517 to commemorate the visit to the Ladakh region of Guru Nanak Dev, the founder Guru of the Sikh faith.

Places to visit in Lamayuru

Lamayuru monastery is the main attraction here. It is one of the most intriguing places to visit for sure; being one of the oldest and largest monasteries in Ladakh, it has many stories and legends associated to it.

This monastery houses around 150 Buddhist monks, though there used to be more than 400 earlier.

As we climbed up the meditation hill we could see the entire village of Lamayuru. The winding roads of Fotu la slithered into the horizon.

We started to see the “absurdity” of the landforms surrounding Lamayuru. Even more striking were the white blocks of houses balanced precariously – but perfectly atop these landforms.


We crossed through the monks’ residential area (taking care we didn’t disturb anything or anyone around) to the other end of this hill.

That is where a surreal landscape awaited us – the famous Moon lands of Lamayuru!


Alchi Monastery

The monastery complex was built, according to local tradition, by the great translator Guru Rinchen Zangpo between 958 and 1055. However, inscriptions in the preserved monuments ascribe it to a Tibetan noble called Kal-dan Shes-rab later in the 11th century

Dukhang or Assembly Hall and the Main Temple (gTsug-lag-khang), which is a three-storied temple called the Sumtseg (gSum-brtsegs), are built in Kashmiri style as seen in many monasteries; the third temple is called the Manjushri Temple (‘Jam-dpal lHa-khang). Chortens are also an important part of the complex.

Lamayuru moon lands are so famous and touristic by today. But more than some common things you would be seeing over internet let me share few of my experiences

  • For sure where I stayed at night was the perfect place. From the roof top of the hotel you can see all the mountains around see the pictures shared here. You can see the moon shadows and that brownie mountain surfaces shining with moon light and in the morning with sunrise..
  • I went to top of the monastery by 6 pm like and I was there when sun went down. Believe me ; it felt me miraculous .. You can see a lovely rainbow lines surrounded sun very clearly shining. It happened for few minutes and those lines were so eye catching
  • Next morning I went to the awalokatheshwara budda temple as one clergyman met me on last evening told me that it is something not to miss the daily morning rituals happening there at 6.30 am. I found no one there other than little monks and their guru . all were singing 2*2  like rhythm buddad praises . It was such a lovely time they had the breakfast and singing again. At last they sang while playing traditional musical instruments like drum, horn and symbols . these little cute small monks  played them so professionally like some profound talent .
    • It was observed who comes last joins to proceedings with a own punishment. they have simple prayers alone and then join the crew in a corners deserved them
    • Little most ones are doing the serving of foods, milk and cups for all. Then distributing the musical instruments and take them back and keep in the correct positions
  • Surrounded area is so developed in last few years .you will find many a hostels, hotels built not years ago .very much comfortable. I found it from 1800 INR to 400 cost double bed single rooms .Finally I selected a room with hot water bath for 500 INR. They were with flow wool carpeted and you don’t feel coldness. well but heater was not really working well ..with dinner of soup rice with mutton and breakfast with nan and scrambled egg I had to pay only 750 .they served very good ginger milk tea in the morning too and I was lucky enough to eat some yummy apricots and their home garden .
  • Other than hostel owners I talks most not knowing English. But best English I found with these little fellows whom you can see here .all they are in junior classes and eldest could explain me about some details very clearly before I met monks whom I told you early
  • Place is colder than leh at night and when you go out fell the mist even in the morning well. I was there on early September and it was just one month away on roads are closed and winter starts
  • Well I was there on the full moon poya day …well it said best moon comes out. But it was sad it was cloudy on the time of 9 pm like. So I missed the moon light.

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame also meets in the way to Lamayuru just after the airport .they starts at 9 am and closes at 7 pm in summer .it cost you 200 INR if a Indian and 400 INR if a foreigner . for me surrounding was so pictorials and was there by 8.20 am. .I wanted to be there, tried to have tea in café until it opens but set of incidents happened around suggested me not to be there and go on my journey. So you may be seeing things around I photographed
Another must visit place while you are in Leh. Hall of fame is a museum constructed and maintained by Indian Army, honoring the Indian soldiers who lost their lives during Indo-Pak wars and also commemorating the Army’s role in cloudburst relief in 2010. In the Siachen Glacier section, you can find a lot of information related to how our brave soldiers survive in such extreme conditions. Some artifacts related to Kargil war too are on display. A 30 minute film features various aspects related to Kargil war

At Leh you would meet lot of strange things. Well it may not be strange to some. But still not familiar much .. because Leh is such unique. You might not feel as it Is a part of India either .it is separated from basic Indian culture such. 2 days either from Srinagar or manali would take it for you by road to reach there same as time may need to reach one corner from other in Europe in widest path. So Leh is such isolated .their closest friend is Tibet and of course they do practice Tibetan Buddhism and other social ethics .no wonder if you feel you are in part of Tibet when at there . Foods, faces, culture, life style are totally same .

These people are 6 months freeze and separated from whole world like you are in north pole or south polle. But still the truth is you are in a planes on top of Himalayas . as per the new set up Ladak will going be a new state officially accept under Indian government from first of November . Then leh will going be a another administrative capital .

Those touchable blue skies and fresh air would not forget me for life. Other than the lose motion I got on the last day I had some best times in life .believe me I had it until last bit I ate going out of my stomach in last meal .good part is once I got off from Delhi airport my mind was brave enough to call for a KFC chicken rice. Well too much hungry stomach well accepted it and I was happily traveled further. J

Well I will definitely go there again with much more plans for trekking and motoring on world highest motarable highway with proper permissions .also not to miss go there from Srinagar and manali by road and feel it. I know it is very unique and should not miss it . Until then ; good bye Ladakh






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