When you plan for Punjab what first comes into mind is golden temple and then it is at Amritsar .after so many hick ups in recent history you can see today Amritsar is delivering today more and more what is designed to be .

When I watched you tube videos read about golden temple what really made me happy was the free food delivery there and dress code of punjabi people and priests.

I already experienced rituals and sweet free foods at Delhi and it was all about seeing the main place in my eyes.

What to do

Visit early morning the golden temple and be a part of rituals

We reached there by 5.20 am after leaving my friend’s place early morning 4 am .they worried I would not wake up but my mental clock rang at 3 am before Raman’s Mobile alarm .

It was fascinating to dress as Punjab person with their turban in red.

Cool calm approach to the place and ritual happens inside honoring holy books same tame as Catholic Church or Buddhist temple rituals but still it is commendable in many ways.

I really love the people before go inside honor at the door .and when they are in the queue people had lot of patience compared to what we experience in Sri Lanka. But still there was a queue for elders, pregnant and disable people who needed special assistance , still it was used by some very able people who crossed the queue .

I loved the rhythm and sounds of the preaching’s though I could not understand anything.

At sun dawn it was amazing view with shades of golden temple shadows in water pool.

Have a meal at there

Here you would offer safety, accommodation and meals. That is the promise. The meals always are so delicious and it is a full meal.

We were into the world biggest community kitchen and we saw many a people working there voluntary.

Foods were prepared with confirming right hygiene and it was so quick process

We saw automatic roti maker and in mixing the mold it was ensured right quality

All curries were prepared with a great taste.

When food serving, all people were sitting in the flow in a queue

Meals were fresh and all were given same

For serving water there was a machine too

Even dishes cleaned with black sand

There are water serving places in all 4 corners of the temple

Visit local market and buy some memories and specially “kada “ring suits your and and your preferred size

Visit close by other guru dwaras

Visit freedom passage and monuments

Visit City monuments

You can see heroes, dancing girls, boys even the drummers as sculptures. Face some picture with them.

Visit those Anglo Indian brick structures

Have a look at live Punjabi fork dances and fun dance items

Visit the Gobindgarh Fort

It was originally built by Dhillon Jat ruler Maharaja Gujjar Singh Bhangi of Bhangi Misl, the local chieftain in the 18th century Gobindgarh was conquered and enhanced in the early 19th century by Sandhawalia Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh who renamed it after the 10th Sikh guru, Guru Gobind Singh. The fort had five cannons which included the famous two ‘Zamzama’ cannons.

It is made of bricks and lime and is laid out in a square. Each of its corners has a parapet and two doors. It had 25 cannons mounted on its ramparts and has four bastions. The main entrance, Nalwa Gate, is named after Hari Singh Nalwa. Keller Gate is the back entrance .

From all what really touched me is history of turban museum.


Visit garden, gate and church close by

Eat Punjabi tali

Visit Decathlon Amritsar ..yes it is so cheap and many options

From very beginning I wanted to visit decathlon in India as in Sri Lanka options are less.

Being my 2 friends are heavy decathlon fans I had a great chance of having few hours there and select warm clothing and some other sports items

Believe me… So many options so cheap and good quality finally we all were satisfied customers

Meet people

You know Punjabi people are the best eaters , also having the best smile .

They offer you the best

You can see best crops growing in all over Punjab

Those people who are there having the turban in head goes in a bike without helmet. They say it is legally accepted

Experience drive on Amritsar roads

Well you drive on 2 way roads to 6 ways.

You will find most 4 wheel vehicles at least with a small scratch

Well they are not mind of repairing those as they say in few  days another accident may happen.. so what is the purpose

No cops on most roads

Well no people with helmets too

But good thing is where I stopped for my lunch met with few people with helmets (obvious no turban) and my friend introduced me to a police cop. Once he told him in Punjabi I was looking for cop. He had all smiles.. hats off sir

You will find roads under the railway lines most of the crossing roads where easily you will get rid of traffic

Experience Amritsar Metro bus

Amritsar MetroBus allows easy travel to different places in city like the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Guru Nanak Dev University and Khalsa College  for nominal fares. The time gap or frequency between two buses on the same route is five minutes ; was launched on 28 January 2019 .

The Amritsar MetroBus operates with 93 Air-conditioned AT buses by Tata Marcopolo. After the launch MetroBus recorder ridership of 41000 passengers within one week. Amritsar BRTS authorities sold more than 8,000 smart cards to daily passengers within a week. The transportation system is completely free for school students in uniform up to senior secondary classes .

Learn their life style

Wearing turban is an art and preparing fabric for that is nice to see.. well believe me it is harder than my wife wearing sari

When I wanted to eat in golden temple; They have thought me how sit there. Well my body was not ready for same. But still I had meals

Historically they are farmers kids after schools go to paddy fields and farms my school teacher friends go after school there too. Father always pays a visit there. Finally your next generation ready for farming

Your morning preparatory meal is heavy. That comprises of cup of milk and biscuits .believe me you can survive for few hours then. Well I told you they are heavy eaters. After stomach full dinner they wanted me to drink small cup of milk . Small means full 200 ml cup J

I loved their dress code and wanted to try . pure white Punjabi dress feels for you . well my friend Nirmal’s one set of suits really went well for me.. Finally the red turban; Raman in few minutes done it for me .after dressed it I felt like a king. Thanks bro…


Amritsar is holy .

It continued as a center of policies, politics and bravery while supporting for sikh religious activities .you feel some different life style there. I don’t say it is different from the world.  If you are lucky you can meet same at many a places. They help each other grow crops for next generations. Religion and people going hand in hand. that is what some generation expected and lived with .

But still they say helpless. There are a lot of newer generation migrating. You can see everywhere there are notices showing this person migrated to Canada / Australia or somewhere else to get a successful life. They say by today they have more than a million of Punjab people in Canada . few ministers are there too. May be prime minister of 2030 . we may be losing world most precious rice fields .. But they are with same lovely smiles  .. my heart cries for some reason .






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