Couch surfing is a unique life style. It began in 2004 as a small passion project by founders Casey Fenton, Daniel Hoffer, Sebastian Le Tuan and Leonardo Bassani da Silveira. An email to a group of students in Iceland gave birth to the idea that people anywhere would want to share their homes with strangers (or, as we like to call them, friends you haven’t met yet).
Today it is a global community of 14 million people in more than 200,000 cities who share their life, their world, their journey. Couchsurfing connects travellers with a global network of people willing to share in profound and meaningful ways, making travel a truly social I am being a lover and part of that today try to discover my life through others inputs .
I already hosted more than 12 couch-surfers from all main 6 continents  and enjoyed what they shared. It was like traveling to their place and has time. So much of sharing of thoughts n Discussions…!

I loved it .. I love when my surfers first drop into my place. Then depending on their time line can guide them where to go and how to go.. May be some cheap accommodation and travel tips too .sometimes I was able to pick up some surfers after my office .also we tasted some local foods, alcohols and stories.
We had some amazing times. Specially to recall Russian night with my office mates and our great singer Pavel . We had Vodka, Russian songs, Sinhala songs , some stories for a long chats. what else you can ask.


Then some instantaneous talks; Then lengthy for hours and one felt on sleep without knowingly any .still others talk ha ha.. Talked on economy, religion, social life , legal systems.. Have I missed anything??

So friends, seek the world through other’s eyes. Be a catcher, be a contributor.. yep it is not lodging to a hotel ..You go to your second home.



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