Portuguese called it Ilha das Vacas, the Dutch called it Delft, and the locals call it Neduntivu. Located in the Palk Strait, southwest of Jaffna, Delft is a relatively undiscovered tourist destination, ideal if you’re interested in Sri Lankan history or sandy, white beaches

My first thought end of the journey.. I will build my kingdom there.


  • Isolated from main land 1 hour away
  • All beautiful sceneries which took me to end of the world
  • Best sea foods I needed from giant crab to all
  • You can have your own horse of course , but you have to learn horse riding

Travel: by train/bus to Jaffna

You can take 762 bus from Jaffna town  at 6.30 am which take around 1 hour to be there in final land point at punguduthiwu island ..(Knowingly or unknowingly you will cross  mandathiwu  and kytes  islands on the way .that scenic view you cannot miss. Road conditions are not good at all.. if you have any concerns  make sure you will not seat in back seat which we quite enjoyed J also there is a bus at 7.30 am too as I counted . so you have boat at lane 1 (lane 1 to nagadeepa)  operated by Sri Lanka Navy through RDA (road Development authority ). This is a free ferry service one boat can accommodate 125 people . .there are boats at 8.00 am and 9.30 am . which would take 1 hour to the island .but be careful, this ferry service is dedicated for dwells of island so priority is for them. But be there at ferry port asap. So you can make sure you will have a seat as they don’t allow you to sail without seat. Condition of boat 1 which goes at 8 am is perfect .really new one. No disturbances but the other is a  very old one even no way of seating. So obvious you love to use first. But, no option if you are late; and need to have the second.

Inside island you will first see navy base which is unique colored  then the fr. Thaninayagam’s statue who is the meesenger of lamil literature n religion in Jaffna even. Then there are few newly built hotels/guest houses you can find and yes you can stay. I am not sure about conditions it was said prices are like 2000 lkr which is having 2 double beds (they 6 to 8 can accommodate there ) and no option if you have to stay. There is hotel we could had some tasty foods. Specially first time in life I had egg thosa. And some mouth watering gaint crabs. Yes I had enough crabs in wakarai in trinco but this guy is the biggest. In weight it was 600g. very tasty. With rice enough for 2 meals having enough meat inside worth for price  og 500 lkr we paid for cooked crab meal.

At the hotel we had meals there are some known (or organised)  jeep and 3 wheel drivers you can use.. there are 7 places they have highlighted .in a jeep you can go 3 to 8 like team and cost would be 3000 lkr and there are 3 wheers you can accompany upto 3 would price 1500 lkr  where as there is a old light house which is about 2 km more away would add you 1000 more for jeep and 500 more for 3 wheel .

with seeing the places in Google map me n my buddy first thought of walking. It looked 3 to 4 km ..being our return journey is 4 hours away we thought walking would be fancy. Well we had done more than 25 km walk in Jaffna in previous 2 days . so why not . but the hotel guy told us sir don’t think of walking it is hard . I was not with him. I tried to find a second opinion I talked to a navy officer with giving our stats on distances. he just laughed at my face. Then told you may but would take at least a day .my 25 year old young buddy still liked to walk. But my gutt feeling also told me not to. So I listened to same . Though I felt cost of 1500 lkr is too much I said let’s use 3 wheeler. My junior was with me though he has not agreed with me, isn’t that Nuwan 😉

So places of interest

  1. so our first place of visit was big biobab tree . this is the biggest tree you can see in sri lanka. There are 3 of these 1 at mannar, other one is inside wilpattu forest .guy srated journey .he was going and going I just looked at my young blood buddy . and asked , if we walked how could be, at least we came 2 km until that so, if we started walking we could not return by 7 pm train simply .:) so believe on your gutt feeling as well as if some more people who are matured say to do something please be with them.




2. Actually, just one dovecote(pigeon caves ) left over by Colonial powers of old.but it is stone made. Unique .

3. Giant foot print :


Not entirely sure if this is man-made or a natural formation. It’s not been there for eons, and we were told that it’s been there only for like 70 odd years. They call it Adam’s footprint, for some reason.well there is a another adma foot print we formally talk about on top of mountain samanala. But all these are very much given adam has come on sri Lankan way any day. Or either his shaodows or any story line not given of sources shows he was appeared even in indian region. ?

Myth has it that it’s his, but given that it’s barely been there for a century, this is highly unlikely.

4. Growing rock : This has been made into a shrine of sorts, and there are little flower offerings. It grows a few inches every year. It’s a type of a coral , so obvious it is the only location inside land a lime stone or coral has come up. It grows.. they said it was first found about 50 to 60 years back , now it’s size like 4 feet and then it was like 2 feet as they say. So that is the growth cycle of a any lime stone too.



5. Horses

This may be the only place you can see jungle horses in sri lanka. It says in English perid there was a hourse nersary maintained here as it’s climate suited well. Well there after once vehicles came to use, authorities might given up hoarse breeding and these were isolated. Sotoday in one area of delft you can find about 300 of them. And at some homes you can find own horaes trained and people in the island use horases for their day today activities well which would be a proud things to them tey represent some royal value with owning a hoarse . ?


6.Old Dutch fort is almost dead but still you can see some ruins beside hospital. there are so bigger walls and strongly built path ways on top of them .


You  guys can see a beautiful sea which so shallow. We have missed to take a bath there , but be prepared it looked one great experience you can have there.

Inside land you can see some small natural water tanks  . but clear water along side palm  trees gives some endarmic view you cannot anywhere in the world I promise. So I would build my kingdom there and my house J.

It was really good experience to talk wth dr. bala who was the only doctor at hospital who’s father was also a doctor there about 20 yaers back. He has come there as a child and what he said is there were no any major devlopement in the island and hospital for yaers. We saw the same no tar layed on the roads for yaers after the war even and it was preparing to be done. Good luck J .

You 3 wheel ride would be 8 to 10 km at least and worth of price .time would be 2 to 3 hours as per you use it .



In return journey older boat leaves first at 2.30 pm. Being we were having our return train at 7.00 pm from Jaffna nad other boat is at 4.30 scheduled we had not taken a risk and used old  ferry. To be surpirise we got some seating in 2 corners as we were the earliest .they started on time and sea was bit calm .. so more waves and through the broken glasses some water came in .. so inside rain as well. Made the fun out of what we had . by 3.30 pm we returned port and few busses were parked out side. All rushed. Private and SLt/b operators(conductors) were shouting one after other to get customers. Wellwe managed to find seats again in front this time .

Belive me our driver was a pilot early. No road barriers to him.. straight road, but you know very healthy conditions.. J with using all piloting experience he ran it like nothing n in 40 minutes we were in Jaffna bus stand .so it was 3.10 and we had enough time to do more shopping in fare nearby bus stand and pack our bag before train ride back to Colombo after having 1 hour like sleep too..

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