Pack light .but make sure you have all the essentials. Once you started you cannot waste time for finding some essentials. You cannot search until bottom of bag to find umbrella in a rain or some medicals at an emergency; so here are few tips

  1. Use small storage pouches (travel luggage organizers )

Sometimes biggest issue for packing is organising items and place same things collectively. So it is needed to pack up in small bags and, there is a huge tendency of misplacing items when most needed. Travel luggage organizers would be a simple solution you can have. Few of those can use for your undergarments and socks, wet clothing, medical, sanitary, cosmetics etc. .



  1. Have some water resistant pouches

You have to ready for anything. Specially rains and muddy situations; Make sure you have either rain coat, umbrella and few water resistant pouches .it is so manageable if your wet umbrella , rain coat put inside a water resistant pouch and keep inside side pocket (better not inside main pocket ;may be your wet shoes  or clothing or towel or swim ware .

  1. Use of power banks

It is most important thing to me to have available battery for most of my equipment.  Camera, phone , usb stick so on. So make sure you have 1 to 2 power banks which may be having capacity of 12000 to 24000 mAh.

  1. Your sanitary kit

Where ever you go out it is best to be clean and smart. So your tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and other sanitary items are a must to make your life comfortable to present before others. Well for me it is the first. 😀

  1. Your medical kit

Make sure you have some pain killer, bandage role, smoother, some balm used in pains (Vicks, siddalepa, tiger ),carbon tablet ;Which may help you at hard times

  1. Your water bottle

Water is a must. At least 500 ml refillable water bottle which can be easily drink and with a mechanism of water not spilled when half closed even (you know) would delivers

  1. Short eats in the bag

Have some biscuits, sweets, fruits, chocolates which your stomach asks in your bag

  1. Pen and the journal book

Make your imaginations written, when you are alone best ideas in the world comes. Write them down. Well it may be only time it woud come to you. Present them to world .So make sure you have the book and pen

  1. Something to read /eBooks

Reading is a great habit. Best to time pass. So buy your favourite small size book and have it in the back pack. You can finish it in your leisure at trip .if you are a kindle, e book, voice book lover; Have it. You will not be worried

  1. Songs in the phone

For me some local classic songs are life full. So I do make sure I have my loves with me. I might have listened to those 100 times. Still it is some best tool to time pass and stress management.

  1. Earphone

When you feel alone at a bus, train, station, lodging place; some music would deliver without disturbing others. So make sure you have small good earphone set .beat, Sony would be reliable value for money brands

  1. Universal charger

Different countries have different power bases. A universal power adaptor would do it for you. It has all major pin sets. So no worries  about your charging duties then .




  1. Phone charger with separate USB cable

As your mobile phone is the most usable item makes sure you have enough resources to charge it. Sometimes it is having power charger or USB in your place/bus/ train. So make sure your charger is having a separable USB cable. Also make sure it is having high amperage like 2 to 2.5 A so that charging would be super-fast. Also it is lengthy enough.

  1. Extra cloth and small towel

Be ready. In between a tour you may find a place to bath. Or on a sweating day need a cloth change. A small wash; Let the stand by clothing ready.

  1. Lip seal and sunglasses

If you are a one from a tropical country like me in cold make sure to sue lip-seal. Other side you may need sun glasses. Be ready.

  1. Small knife/spoon/cup

End of the day it makes you hungry and thirsty. So make sure you are having some small set of gadgets to make your meal at any place. It may be an apple, piece of cake, cup of rice, some meat what you get . without much of make dirty you can have your foods if you are ready .

  1. Hat/cap

Well hatman always wear different hats as per purpose. But basic hat and if cool an icecap are must .this would save you in heavy sunlight as well as small rains. It is simple as you are getting-rid of headaches.

  1. Have enough memory cards

Make sure you have enough memory to record. So that have 8BG to 16 GB 2 memory cards like in your bag so that you are not missing any videos /pictures .memory cards are so cheap and durable. Try scandisk/ transcend /Kinston are reliable brands.

  1. Your camera

Make sure you have camera as you need. I am normally carrying a camera bag as my back pack as I am having my DSLR. It is having additional lenses so that you can make your dreams fulfilled recorded .additional I am using by selfie stick for most of my solo travels.  Make sure you have full charge of same. You can have an additional battery if you are super crazy .

If your phone delivers as camera well done, if not

  • waterproof stilt models- to record all incidents
  • SLRs to records pictures / videos with high clarity
  • drone cameras for all sky views
  • go pros for moving sport activities are there as your requirement delivers


  1. Small binoculars

For scenery or church interiors it is so important to see it with a long eye. Also you are having long distance views at long journeys.

  1. Sanitizer

After having a crazy meal make sure you have cleaned your clothes. If hands are used make sure you use a sanitizer; Worst at least soap to wash.

  1. Toilet papers

Not sure how far you were fallen short of these in a toilet. I have many times. So make sure you have in your own  J

  1. Hank chief/paper serviettes

If you have running nose, sneezing it is great. Even need it to make sure you clean yourself properly.

  1. USB pen

Well your camera memory may filled up. Some important data would come to you. Get it saved your own. So have a USB pen at least with 16 GB .

  1. OTG cable

To transfer your data from phone to UBS pen have a reliable OTG cable .

  1. Money belt

Well you may have little money. But your phones, passport, all important documents should be in safe place. Make sure you use a good enough money belt; So that, you will be able to keep same secured anywhere.

  1. Guidebooks and maps

Pack the travel info you’ll need on the ground (or download it into your e-reader).

  1. Fold-up tote bag

Look for a large-capacity tote bag that rolls up into a pocket-size pouch. Use it for laundry, picnics, and those extra souvenirs you want to take back home.

  1. Your emergency information sheet

Make sure all information about your hotel, emergency contact persons will be printed in a small sheet. If you can make multiple copies and file it would make your life easier .keep separate copies in multiple places in main sheet; your main luggage , hand luggage, pocket etc. .

  1. Inflatable pillow(or neck rest)

These are great for snoozing in planes, trains, and automobiles. Some travellers also wear an eye mask for blocking out early-rising or late-setting sun.

  1. Tiny lock

Use it to lock your backpack zippers shut. If you are in a hostel you may need to lock it .but when you fly better not to lock. It would reduce getting your baggage to eye to a thief to try on his luck.

If you’ll be the guest of local hosts, show your appreciation with small, unique souvenirs from your hometown. May be some sweets, key tags, fridge badge, pen, cap, even some branded goods (yes for me one and only Ceylon tea is a part )

  1. Postcards/photos from home

A collection of show-and-tell pictures (either digital or paper) is always a great conversation piece with people you meet.

  1. Small flashlight

Handy for reading under the sheets after “lights out” in the hostel, late-night trips down the hall, exploring castle dungeons, and hypnotizing street thieves. Tiny-but-powerful LED flashlights — about the size of your little finger — are extremely bright, compact, and lightweight. Camping-type headlamps also do the trick.

  1. Use your virtual box properly (email / dropbox etc )

Make sure to send a copy of e ticket, all contact information, travel itinerary, copy of passport and VISA , local contact persons , to your email and save a copy .who knows. If you lost everything on the way. That virtual space would be the god.



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