Prague is unique. Prague is historical. Prague is so cool when I reached at. But once I was ready to tour sun was out and called me man let’s here I am in Prague.

If someone asks me what is the city you most like to in again, yes my answer is Prague as number 1 choice .you mesmerised me a lot and my host made all these happen ;Thank you Lucia. What a time had with you. It made more amazing as she was already planned a tour to Sri Lanka with her mom in 15 more days’ time. So here is the story of Prague.

When it was appear in Prague there was not much of a plan I was a very frozen situation as per coldness faced in Brno and wanted to save my energy to get rid of in the I got into direct train from small station called Blavansco at early morning 5.30 am at temperature of -5 c which is piercing cold .But inside train made me so comfortable to be in .all school children, office workers got into train in between main stations which was a new experience in my journey . Most were so friendly and greeted one who met to face with a lovely smile good morning.

From the last station Florenc I had to go to hell like depth to catch yellow line metro. Yep it is almost 50 seconds journey down in elevator longest ride I had. Something more importantly, I was checked for tickets first time at my metro journey .my friend was there at ANDEL and lucky I brought a ticket which valid for 90 minutes cost you 1.2 euros. Make sure you buy right ticket and get it validated at entrance of station.


You may get confused at various European countries with their different type of ticket issuing methods and validating methods. I am still confused. J At some places I missed to buy tickets even; At some places I missed to get validated ticket; At some places when I arrived at night places of ticket purchase (shops/thabaks) were closed .so those are very confused for sure but still you will be safe as much as you will have a valid ticket in hand .

Nowhere in the journey was I checked.

  • Even I remember when I confused about some ticket purchasing in Vienna, a gentleman helped me to show how to handle machine and make choice and validated ticket and advised me.
  • At Berlin; it was told to buy ticket for 2 regions and I was confused and pressed wrong button. I was wondering how to roll back task and girl next to me in queue saw situation I faced and came to me and helped me.
  • In berlin again at train station when wanted to buy tickets and no coins in hand one lady offered me few coins when I asked for change.
  • In Amsterdam when I was having no coins again and when loitering in shops to get a note changed one shop lady shown me ticket counter and they guided me to find my first couch surfer’s home.

So in short; in Europe it is not checked you tickets. But if you got caught fine is really high. Where as in Prague it was 60 euro as I remember .I had got a small remembrance one couch surfer mentioned in a post; tickets may be check at Prague. So be aware. As a foreigner you should be able to return back without much of trouble and you are representing your country. I know this may be news for some local newspaper.

Here is incident Report

——–When I got off from Andel and walked towards elevator one man asked me to stop I was wondering. Then understood he was a ticket checker. He just stopped me and one other man both looked non Europeans.  He kindly asked sir can you show me your ticket. Then I have taken it from my belt pocket and shown. A ticket is there correctly validated. Then he returned it to me with correct smile. Then the other guy has shown a ticket… But it was not correct ticket as I saw then he was taken with checker. Felt sorry for him. BTW I went off from place to feel myself more comfortable. 😀 —–

My host was so alert on my comfort. At first day once I reached her place she was kind enough to check temperature outside .once it was affordable to walk outside she called me. Thanks Lucia. Love those memories .she really explained me the life style of the city and guided me well and was very kind enough to take me to those locations to feel. At first night we went to a pub. As she says once in every 5 buildings is a pub in Prague. Yep night life is that organised. We saw youth to elders are moving freely and we were being at one of quality pub with her sponsorship; Our Canadian friend Nick also there .it was amazing. For the first time in my life tasted those well prepared sweet pork ribs you cannot compare. Then had many a beers then gin shot. Or too much for me; then they tasted one thicker beer which I could not afford more than half. My 2 friends’ were generous enough to finish it for me  😀


Her next adventure was  going to a piano concert in Rudolfinum , which is a Neo-Renaissance building on Jan Palach Square, on the right bank of the Vltava river in the Ol Town in  Prague . In her Dvořák Hall are held important concerts, (eg in the Prague Spring ).it was not in the cards at all but being we had enough time she changed the quality of taste .he is  Rudolf buchbinder  an Austrian classical pianist .(just google and see how best he is). i am a music lover. My daughters study on Piano. But I am blind of . But that 1.5 hours were full of spirit. no sound came out other than pianist’s play. All spectator dressed like nothing so as my female friend. Gents were with full suits and ladies with different style gowns. Poor me and nick were denim and short sleeve shirts  😀 .still have the echo of play in ears for years .


Things to do

  1. Charles Bridge

Once the most important bridge for commerce, the Charles Bridge in Prague is still very important, but now it is primarily significant for tourism. This beautiful cobblestone bridge is lined with intricate statues and lamp posts on either side. It crosses the river Vltava to the Prague Castle, and was named for King Charles IV who commissioned its building.  The view from this bridge of both the city skyline and the river below it are stunning.  Visitors are welcome and encouraged to walk across the bridge as it is now a pedestrian road.  Musicians, street performers, artists and other vendors line the street during the busiest times of the day. The quietest times are early morning and late evening. This is a don’t miss spot in Prague.


2. Prague Castle


On a hilltop west of the Vltava River, resided what is perceived by many as Prague’s number one tourist attraction – the Prague Castle.

What is called “The Prague Castle” is actually a huge complex of buildings connected by internal courtyards and built throughout the last 1000 years. It therefore provides a great opportunity to visit, in a relatively small location many architectural styles of the last millennium.

An exploration of the castle can take anything between half a day and a full day, depending on how well you want to explore it. The main sights within the Castle are St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, the Royal Palace, the Powder Tower, and of course the Golden Lane in which Frantz Kafka used to live for a while.

If you are interested in doing a little climb up the road, you can certainly walk up directly to the castle from Charles Bridge.


3. Old Town

At the heart of Prague’s Old Town, this majestic and extremely popular by tourists square with its colourful baroque houses is located just between the famous Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge. The square presents several architectural styles such as gothic of the Týn Church or baroque architecture of the St. Nicholas Church. Many tourists come here to see the medieval Astronomical Clock built on top of the Town’s Hall that provides a musical show every hour from 8:00 Am to 8:00 PM. The Astronomical Clock, which now proudly symbolizes Prague, was originally build in 1410 which makes it the oldest working astronomical clock in the world. The various signs on the clock stand for the phases of the moon, the seasons and also for some of the Christian holidays.


4. Vitus Cathedral

While in Prague, one of the must-see sites is the beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral originally called St Vitus, St. Wenceslas and St. Adalbert Cathedral. The cathedral is located on the hilltop overlooking the city within the Prague Castle Complex. The complex itself is like a small town with a number of exquisite buildings, gardens and courtyards. The palace complex is the oldest in the world and was established in 880 and took 700 years to complete. The grand cathedral was where royals had their weddings, christenings and burials and until 1836 the Kings of Bohemia were coroneted here. There is so much to see within the Palace complex that many walk right by the cathedral but it has a lot to offer.


5. Wenceslas Square

Situated in the middle of Prague, this square is known for celebrations, public gatherings and shopping.

Wenceslas Square is located just a few minutes of walk from the old town square. In the past the place was a Horse market, later it became the center of business and cultural activities. It got its name after the Saint Wenceslas, who was a saint of Bohemia. The Wenceslas Square is a renowned world heritage site, which attracts millions of tourists every year.

It is called as a square but it actually looks like a long rectangle. You can find a large number of clubs, restaurants and bars in Wenceslas square and this is a good place for shopping with many of the major brands are available here. The foundation of the square was laid out by Charles IV, in 1348. The square is 60m wide, while its length is 750m. The square is known for public gatherings, as it can hold more than 400, 000 people at a time.


6. Petrin Hill 

Petrin Hill offers stunning sights, gorgeous gardens and some fun attractions like the miniature Eiffel Tower.

Petrin Hill is located at the centre of Prague and rises about 130m above the Vltava River’s left bank. The hill is covered with numerous parks, which is considered as the most favourite recreational area for Prague’s inhabitants. It is featured in the early short story of Franz Kafka, which is called Description of a Struggle. It was also mentioned in the novel of Milan Kundera, which is entitled The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Visiting Petrin Hill may require climbing a little bit as it is located at Prague’s high point. It may therefore take about thirty minutes to walk just to reach its top but it is guarantee that you will enjoy the views while climbing up.


I was never being into a piano concert even locally. It was the first time and it was the best in the world. Pork ribs and beers we had at the pub were high in quality and still have a great recall. But the cost we had was minimal and made me to think something having better life style. As my CS says they are getting a good salary, though it may not be high as Switzerland or other western European neighbouring country, but you can have a good quality life as well as can travel outside of the country at least once per year .they conserve history and showing it to world with a value. People are so friendly and love to help others. So, what else one should expect. Thanks Prague, thanks Blavesco ,thanks Lucia and Lenka .finally thanks Czech; You are amazing .



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