(Kurundu oya ella ,Bomburu ella ,Lovers leep waterfalls ,remote kohonawala  n Pitamaruwa Mini Worlds End )

This world is so small. In this small world Sri Lanka is a small country. Within the country you can reach to other end within 7 hours .you can reach various climatic conations I few hours. sri Lankan climate is such, among them top most valuable area is hill country. That is why it is named as a UNESCO heritage.

Mostly we say a travel from Kandy to NuwaraEliya and Ella cover best part of hill country. But most have not gone through other parts of same and not lucky enough to expose to that green world. So we are trying to expose you to some amazing sceneries of this country and ask you to keep them protected for next generation .


Kurundu Oya ella


I am starting with a rich n poor kurundu oya ella comparisons. It is obvious second picture we have taken and the poor situation today’s in. tis is located so remote area in walapane inside forest so that still protects. This is named the second highest water fall in sri lanka and one of richest in water at rainy season.

Your drive :

It is about 3 km away from awlapane town in ragala road (about 32.3 ) from Nuwara eliya.  From the main road you have to turn and either hike or drive for 3 km . it is a hard road you can go with using a 3 wheeler or 4 wheel vehicle  only .there is a another road building on other side through tea factory road which may complete by end of 2017 . then you can reach until top of waterfall with out much difficulty.

Well the road you have to walk is hard , but the end result is so extravagant . so take your time and walk to the water fall you will see one of the best senary of the country .

Lovers leap water fall

Lovers leap water falls was our next stop. In the previous night we were at Nuwaraeliya doctor’s quarters .when we ask from the staff how to go there they just came out and in a corner shown us lovely view of falls. As always it was a rainy morning in nuwaraeliya. So they advised us to go there by out car to close proximity .roads were not that bad, a car can reach almost 200m away to the place. From there you can walk easily. It is a lovely straight fall and very rich with water mostly. So this is one of the beauties you should not miss at Nuwara eliya.

Your drive:

Boburu ella

Our next stop was boburu ella. Which is not that far away from Hakgala botanical gardens .

This is second widest fall in the country.

Some misbehaviours by who are just started to travel stops usage of place for people for camping today. But as we saw this would be an ideal place for camping which is having some readymade set up one can be used.

Your drive :

From Nuwara Eliya welimada main road just after hakgala botanical gardens in 1.5 km like you will meet rendapola mosque. To the left you can see Galahagama road . also the directions to the water fall. In about 15 minutes you can reach to location. Road conditions are so good . then you have to hike about 2 km . families we met came over there to spend the day . so not that hard journey at all you can reach to location in about 30 minutes’ walk .


Pitamaruwa Mini Worlds End

When you start it from Badulla may plan for 1 hour to reach to location, but one junction after another you would reach to Passara in 1 hour. Still there may be very less people who are aware of your location .but some 3 wheel rider may be the best source. YES. Correct. First one we asked was aware on all. But his directions until Madulseema would be the last we could recall J. His suggestion was even to go there in the early morning as there may be mist by afternoon. But we didn’t want to give up. So at Madulsema we had a heavy lunch to balance breakfast as well by 2 pm. Yes, we were hungry like nothing. So 2 friends’ ordered rice and curry. It came in few minutes. We ordered hoppers. Well my first choice was roti. But my other friend went with hoppers so I was. It was taken time to reach meals to table and no gas cooker even connected to cylinder. So in few minutes it came up the gas cylinder for hoppers. Well, they used same cylinder for all. After rice preparation it came cylinder for hoppers. OMG. If I was waiting for roti…  Jlucky escape.

Then one after another he offered us hoppers. 2 egg hoppers, then roast chicken n curry. Yummy. Might have eaten at least 15 each. When shopman billed he asked how many we told could not count. Haven’t you? Ha ha.. so we agreed for 12 each. I knew number is higher. Thanks men. We will visit you again.

So we started our journey again. Then to amabalama junction, next to Metigahatenna , then to neat by tea factory root. We reached until the most possible location by a small vehicle. So more 1.1 km of walk.

Here you can see from Kandy area to Badulla about 220 degree of an angle. In straight down it is Bibile .But it would take almost an hour to reach there in main road .if mist is cleared sometimes you can see until Batticaloa. So better you may take a Binocular with you which we missed in our journey.

When you travel around sri Lanka be free to have time for nature. You may come across best things in the world. Though a sri Lankan lived for so long still my heart is having plenty in my bucket list to be again. It may be a water fall, foods in a corner shop , bus ride in a village bus or nap in top of a tree hut. You may see elephants, wild animals eat from your hand , have a bath in a road side spring. Be open to expose as you love. It always delivers your wish in this small land. That is how this land has become a wonder in its hill country.

Keep on travelling friends .






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