Pointing to south tip of India Jaffna peninsula is a little thamilnadu. But it is always different experience to south in sri lanka. So if you are not touring to Chennai or south India in your tour, don’t miss to have time at Jaffna. I do promise you will experience food, life and culture which is so unique and different to south India too in many ways .

Jaffna located 6 to 8 hours way from Colombo you can reach there by train or bus. Please check train schedule at . there are 5 trains available daily from Colombo fort. Better if you reserve a ticket which you can do before 60 days . better  if you will buy second class ticket, then  you can easily accommodate without any rush. But still if you are in a hurry buy a ticket over the counter, mostly after 1 to 2 hour of travel you  can get a seat .for sure by Anuradhapura long distance train get released for seats as most get down there and mostly only Tamils would travel to Jaffna other than tourists .

Or use bus booking which is more regular and you can have it hourly like .

Our journey started from Gampaha at 7.10 train which goes to Kankasanthurai (KKS) . We brought 2nd class tickets on the day it was obvious we missed seats. So me and my buddy travel partner  Nuwan who is a better taker of any trip. So for any instantaneous move he is the guy. There was a seat came on our way but given it a girl close by who was in a bit of pain. But we had to be in much pain J for 1 more hour like as no seats were available until Anuradhapura. But then the fun began. All cleared. Only we 2 , few foreigners and then few Tamils. All of us  like using 2 seats for each and made our self-comfortable. I have taken my DSLR camera out and started shooting on some fast shots on the way which I could not do in a day time early through same rail line. We passed some beautiful paddy fields and palm lines. Which  is the border is saying bye bye to south .


We arrived Jaffna by 2.30 pm like and our guest house was in walking distance in town .we had some hick up on originally booked location but then found a better friendly place in next door. It is 300m from Jaffna railway station 2 double beds and 1 single bed with fan and bathroom 2500 lkr . there you can accommodate 5 easily. But for 2 even that is the option in a budget hotel .but it is so clean and owner and caretaker both can handle English well so you can get good guide lines as needed .they provide bed tea for 50 lkr  but no meals .. But there are more and enough food shops nearby you can buy what you like in Jaffna style .

We both wanted to have some good meal then walked to town to fulfil the stomach we were directed to Malayan café which was vicinity of main bus stand and we ate string hopper kottu ,which was really heavy but a taste of life .this is a seriously cheap  place and comparative to nearby locations best place we found for price. You can have the bigger portion for 200 lkr. That is too big, even 2 can manage it easily.


Then we had a small rest and started walk to fort side then to public library and had night view of same J. Then to some distance of idling time until reach of 7 .00 pm when we needed to go for Tamil film to watch it in a style . MC Jaffna was owned by Ceylon theatres was well organised for the same which were having 3 theatres with 3 different films when we were in the place we were having no idea on what to be watched but finally decided to watch one with some good poster Jas we both cannot talk n understand Tamil at all .

Film was almost started when we were in all whistling and shout were there which is a part of Tamil film watching culture we wanted to experience. It had many fights some super abnormal moves, speedy rides , and a  beautiful lady taken all control end of the day. We have enjoyed the film as well as background responses from crowd . it was 500 lkr each , we filled with over joy . by 10.00 pm we returned hotel so the sleep with joy .:).I am still trying to recall name of film.. but cannot recall it at all. But one of my Tamil friend said it was hit in south India. Yep the beautiful girl there made all crazy if not the fights J.

Our second day planned for some unique thing. Our first place of visit was nallur kovil, our Google map said it is less than 2 km from our hotel. So after having tea we started our walking, passing old railway quarters (if you check it carefully only can see it and newly built railway station from back side, Jaffna radio Ceylon and some good old buildings. It was fancy we saw some good old cars on n off the way which we cannot see much in Colombo n south .in half n our walk leisurely we were there. After some months we entered there.. saw morning rituals (sorry we are not allowed to take any pictures inside ).. Next we marched to near restaurant which is veggie owned y nallur kovil . it was very tasty the dosa options there and it is the only option yes.. but the big ghee dosa I had ,still remembered for taste .it is so cheap. For entire meal we had to cost only 400 lkr for 2 .


Then our big dream came true, after years marched to RIO ice cream may be the best taste my tongue asks .we came there by 8.35 like we were lucky to be first customers of the day and the girl in counter told us that sir have a BIG cup so we will have good business today .. ha aha.. Then we ordered days special it was some fruit and nuts ice cream mixed with some flavours and fancy Choco balls and wafers .. tasty.. see the picture ..We tasted it for a half an hour like n our mouth called for second , stomach was not.. J being have to travel for some kilo meters we delayed it for evening with a promise to our minds to return back .specially to mention with in the half n our we were in all shop was filled with ice cream lovers from all over the country. With beautiful new year decorations they had added a real glamour.


Then we visited the king sankili’s statue and ruins of his majestic place located about 200 m away . statue was about 200 years old and it was remaining well but remainders of place was only front .

See more details of chankili

we found a some old ambalama there , but still could not get more details on history of same


so our next plan was to go to point Pedro top most point of country. So we took 252 bus .. be careful to get into SLTB busses only  as which goes directly to point pedro which are light fast. But private busses are only goes to aralai there after you have to get into point pedro bus again where we missed the trick too . J. But there were few dtreamy places located at point pedro like hartley college (girlsn boys ), kovil offers 24 hour dana and lie to velvatithurai(where prabakaran the LTTE leader was born ).


We had taken a 3 wheeler to go to top most point. They asked for 500 LKR and it looked worth as there were no other means .it is like 3 km from main bus stop and time of 10 minutes one way. We enjoyed the location and saw little crews crawling in .also see is so nice and if no mist you can view India land according to navy. But we missed it return journey we got off from all famous RIO and had out second turn (you can name it a lunch J ).. it was healthy my favourite  faluda (see picture ).. don’t ask me anything more.. please try it without complaining   J

Then we started walk again with use of Google maps towards our hotel in a different root. So we found jaffna museum in between. In a very much pleased manner we visited the place  with expecting some Jaffna history to be seen. But disappointed .in front there was a huge mammal skeleton , then some old kandian style sculptures just outside. No Jaffna as yet. From the very beginning it was anuradapura, polonnaruwa and Kandy history. But no Jaffna. Oh forgotten there were few palm products . that’s all. Nothing of sankili period or either technical stuff used ears ago ..i feel we need to find out this. It should be available somewhere .may be with some dwells in area. I remember we found soe fr. Jusevas time cross found in seelalai which is almost 300 years old .so guys, please collect your history and show it to future generation. We are not late.

Then we came directly to hotel to have a  rest. Had a wash  had a nap for 1 hour like started our journey towards Jaffna seminary .our guide was Google maps. We had a bit of struggle. But found the place. It was nice to see young Christmas decorations  and simple artistic statues.


Our famous food place Malayan café .seriously we needed to try out what we missed. For me string hoppers kottu with wage , Nuwan sticked to some rice . believe me waiting time was the cuase of hungry increaser .t was yummy n we were full tummy .with a taste of ginger tea we came out yep still the bill was less than 350 lkr. Don’t be jealous try it next time J

Our journey focused towards jaffna public library to see at day time. But I should say it was a really waste of time without referring any books. Well guys I am a book lover and a library user, here I have not got that feeling at all .only thing we had was  some tea at library canteen. Next we went towards fort. Well it was a bit of a journey to find out the entrance. Once we found it out it was awesome. Well there were Christmas decorations still at .lots of stray cows .we walked until top level what scenery. We got caught sunset.


J9 J10

It was great loitering with listening to some unique tamil music , we wondered with love to all  stuff.

So we reached  our hotel after almost 18 km walking day with fulfilled hearts .

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